Collection old toys

For years we have been looking for toys from the 1950s and earlier. We collect everything we used to play with as a child. The result is an amazing collection of homemade toys, toys with advertising, soldiers, airplanes, forts, cars, trains, construction toys, board games, toy cars, magic lanterns, musical instruments and so on.

In the meanwhile, we have an extensive collection of old toys and we want everyone to enjoy this collection by the means of this website.

This site is still under construction and many pictures still have to be added. The new pieces will be added on a weekly basis. Asides all this, we also want to include manufacturing date and manufacturer's information with each photograph. Your suggestions or information in order to improve this website are always welcome. Should you have objects you want to offer or should there be further questions, you can always contact me.

Here you can find recently added new stuff.

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Enjoy our site.