Category science


In this category "Science" we show: Typewriters, Microscopes, Telephone sets, Electrical sets, Steam engines, Chemical sets, aso

You can find lots of brands: 

  • Electric: GORDON, Gilbert, SIEMENS, PHILIPS, Franckh Verlag, Radio Shack, KOSMOS, LTI, STEMEL, BECO, aso
  • Chemistry: André Birlinger, KAY,
  • Telephone: The Gong Bell Company, MFZ, TEFOSA, JEP, Chad Valley, TUDOR GEOBRA, Gilbert, CODEC England,
  • Optical: Franckh, SGDG France,
  • Steam: Mersey Model C°, Mamod, Wilesco, ALGA Sweden, Fleischmann, ESL England, BING
  • Others: Simplex, RICO, Mettoy, Manutex France,Librairie Hachette , Landriault, Josco, J.B. Wolters, JSU Germany, S.G.D.G. France,