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Here you find following brands: The Gong Bell Company, MFZ, TEFOSA, JEP, Chad Valley, TUDOR, aso

W006  MFZ  -->  fifties
W008  Tudor Metal Products Comp.  -->  fifties
W009  England  -->  fifties
W007  Tefosa  -->  fifties
W003  us-zone Germany  -->  fifties
W002  England  -->  fifties
W004  The Gong Bell Comp.  -->  1922
W001  KAY  -->  fourties
W029  Trader unknown  -->  fifties
W028  GEOBRA  -->  thirties
W026 The Chad Valley Telephone - England  -->  fourties
W025  JEP  -->  fifties
W012  Trader unknow  -->  thirties
W021  Trader unknow  -->  fifties
W011  Codec England  -->  fifties
W010  KAY  -->  thirties
W005  Trader unknow  -->  fifties
W027 Gilbert (USA)  -->  1919