Verwijzing nederlands

Batima construction toy.

Batima is an invention of the Belgian Louis Cousin, he has applied for a patent in 1923 for Belgium and in 1924 for France. The application was made for a period of 20 years.

In 1954, the Company Beeusaert has taken over the manufacture of the Batima kits and has manufactured up to 1959. Under pressure from LEGO, that came to the market in 1958, with the colourful cubes in plastic and also unbreakable the production was stopped in 1959..

Hereby Cousin's description of the stones:

"As for the aspect of the material, which is an important point, it is given to the bricks in reduction by the coloured stone cardboard whose moulding is carried out in a mechanical way. All other similar plastics can be used. The application of stone cardboard to reduction bricks gives them not only a value from the point of view of the resemblance but a Constitution richer than the ordinary materials and which is perfectly suited to the construction games. This material does not have the defect to be, like the stone, heavy and cold: it is matte like clay, while being soft and pleasing to the touch. The stone-cardboard also has the advantage of being able to be moulded into easy-to-cut rods in bricks and fractions of bricks with high precision dimensions.

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