Girls' toys

Our category of girls' toys includes Dolls houses, Stoves, Grocery, Doll's pram, Sewing-machine, Crockery set, Vacuum-cleaner, Bathrooms, aso and covers various brands.
At the bottom of this page you will find some typical items.

  • Dolls: B Toy, Tri-ang, TORCK, SOUPLEX, MOBO, ALPS, Modern Toys, G. Gerardin Paris, Griptight, Königseer DDR
  • Kitchen: DEF, Comme Maman, FB Bouillon, Berwick's, Manufacture Imperiale et Royale de Nimy, Fuchs, Rauch, Favori, TMF,MFZ, Plasco toy
  • Shop: GEOBRA, Bowman, Plasco, RAUCH, FAVORI, TMF
  • Housekeeping: Fuchs Germany, HWN, MK Japan, Chad Valley, GAMA, Casige, SINGER, Miladi, CO-MA Italy, 3 Suisse, Ges. Gesch.
  • Others: MBT Brussels, Berwick's

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