Our category of musical toys includes Gramophone, Piano, Accordion, Guitar, Violin, Whistles, Xylophone, Drum, Trumpet, Chimes, aso and covers various brands.
At the bottom of this page you will find some typical items.

  • Gramophone: Durable toy, BING, Chad Valley, SAPHON, GRAMO Games, Napro, MARX USA, SELCOL, TRIX Limited
  • String: HARO, Tri-ang, Harbert, Caldo
  • Wind: The Rolmonica Music C°, Höhner, QRS De Vry Corporation, EC France, FSC Italy, Universo us-zone, Tempo, Victory Sparkler & Speciaty Toy USA
  • Keyboard: Höhner Mignon, Eagle, Trotty, RM & C Ltd England
  • Percussion: National Band, Green Monk Products, SAN Japan, Playskool, E. Bilger Germany, SI Japan
  • Others: MFZ Germany, MNN, KRZ Karl Rohrseitz Zirndorf, MH Paris, SELCOL, HR Germany, Lorenz Bolz Zindorf, Chad Valley, Tri-ang, Lehmann, Raynaud-Zurfhuh Paris, EC France, MS

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