Our category of optical toys includes Magic lanterns, Film projector, Stereo viewer, Zoetrope, Flip books, Pathéorama, Panoptic Polyorama, aso and covers various brands.
At the bottom of this page you will find some typical items.

  • Stereo: Unis France, Bruguière, RF Richard Frères Paris, KODAK, Raumbild-Verlag, Pathé Vincennes, Colorrief, ROMO, TRUE VUE Company, Lestrade, OXO, Le Bengali
  • Magic lantern: Lapierre, E.Plank, BING, EP Germany, DUX, BELL, Riley Brothers Bradford, GC & C Germany, Sélic
  • Movie: NIC, EKA, Cinette, DUX, JS Frieze & C°, Johsons of Hendon, Stephens product, ROBIN England, Mills Bros Sheffield, LKZ-Poland, E. Plank, Meccano-Tri-ang, Martin Lucas Limited England, WAMOO, BELL
  • Viewmaster: View Master
  • Others: EBRO, KAY England, SAN, BELL product, EP Germany, GANTOY, TWENGEN Man. C° Tottenham, ACME Toys England, Green Monk England, BOSCO Germany, E¨M Italy, Plastikop

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